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introduction-of-angualrjs Angular JS Javascript Learn Angular JS 

Introduction to Angular JS

Angular JS Angular Js is a JavaScript framework. Created by Misko Hevery in 2009 It is open source and supported by Google. Single Page Application (SPA) developed easily in Angular Js. Data Binding Application Develop Single page application Page never loads No server side page rendering System Based of Model View Controller concept.   Key features of Angular JS: Routing – Handling URL hash fragment. Templating – Dynamic creating and updating HTML based on templates and models Data Binding – Synchronize the model and user interface. Forms – Many helpers…

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introduction-of-javascript Basic Javascript Javascript 

Introduction to JavaScript

What is JavaScript ? JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your Web pages. JavaScript is a language added to standard HTML to make it more interactive. JavaScript is a program that is included on a HTML page. JavaScript are text on Webpages that are interpreted and run by web browsers.   What can JavaScript do ? Using JavaScript you can create an user interface. Using JavaScript can validate user input forms. Create custom HTML pages on fly. Control Web Browsers.   JavaScript is not a Java JavaScript…

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